Friday, April 29, 2016

What style of game is Solar Echoes? (part 5)

Many existing game systems, including those that are firmly based on the sci-fi genre, have magic in some form or another. Magic breaks the laws of the natural world and allows players to perform incredible feats, often giving them an advantage over their adversaries. Science fiction differs from fantasy; sci-fi is something that might be possible, based on current knowledge while fantasy is something that is entirely imagined. The rules system for Solar Echoes is based on reality, but we discovered, in the process of designing our universe, that a sort of “magic” did emerge in our game: Void-technology. Highly advanced technology from a lost race became our magic, with items and weapons that violated the laws of physics, or at least seemed to. These artifacts were developed by a race that had pursued dimensional science, something that we in the present day have studied: quantum fields, string theory, temporal and spatial dimensions are all forms of dimensional science. While discovering Void-tech in our game is rare, encountering a foe equipped with an artifact from the Voidsea or somehow obtaining one for your own character is a mind-shattering experience. No, there is no magic in Solar Echoes, but Void-tech will bend reality in ways that will blow your mind.

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