Monday, April 11, 2016

A Growing Solar Echoes Community (part 1)

It is awesome to see gamers going the extra mile with Solar Echoes! This week, I'll highlight some of the things a group of gamers in France are doing with Solar Echoes. I would like to see the game expand further by fans, and I’m encouraging everyone to consider posting comments, questions, and especially ideas on The forums there are a great place to share your gaming interest, and I will be actively involved there, reading your posts, answering your questions, and spreading the word about your ideas, as well as giving tips, secrets, and previews of some of the things I am planning for the future of Solar Echoes. Also, please mark that you’re a “fan” of Solar Echoes on, because the more buzz we can create, the more opportunity Solar Echoes will have to grow—believe me, I have tons of plans in the works. Let's continue growing the community!

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