Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What style of game is Solar Echoes? (part 3)

When we created the Solar Echoes game universe, we aimed to base it upon actual astronomy and related sciences: the size of the game universe, the distribution of stars within it, and the details of each world and the lifeforms that could live upon them are all rooted in a mix of observational data about our galaxy and theoretical science that fills in the gaps of what might exist. While our races are fictional, they are each theoretically possible given the nature of their homeworld. Similarly, the technology in the game could exist, and focuses upon classic staples of science fiction, such as directed energy weapons, faster than light travel, energy shields, advanced robotics, and so on. We're always keeping a close watch on current technological trends in the real world, and when we see something that would add to the Solar Echoes universe, we either add our interpretation in through a new mission, or we keep the design ready for release through other future products. The Solar Echoes universe is constantly growing and developing, just as the real world is.

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