Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Invasive Tech: Neuromarketing (part 3)

It may not seem at first that our freedoms are being violated by neuromarketing, because marketing is based upon consumer response to products. Yet questions arise when marketing dips into areas that exploit us in ways we have no defense against. Subliminal advertising once existed and exploited consumer subconscious, and in 1973 the board game, Hūsker Dū? aired commercials in America and Canada with a flashed subliminal message that read “Get it.” Wilson Bryan Key released a book shortly after called “Subliminal Seduction” which cited various uses of subliminal messages used by advertisers. Thanks to this book, heightened public concern caused the FCC to investigate. In 1974, the FCC finally issued this statement, “subliminal advertising is contrary to the public interest and intended to be deceptive, and that any [tv] station employing them risks losing its license.” Subliminal advertising was thus banned, but is today's neuromarketing treading the same path of manipulation?

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