Monday, April 25, 2016

What style of game is Solar Echoes? (part 1)

As we developed the Solar Echoes universe, we often asked ourselves questions like, “What does everyone do for entertainment? How are robotics utilized commercially? What kinds of problems exist and how do people feel about them?” These questions often produced answers that, while they made perfect sense, sometimes had an unexpected comical result. I remembered a used-car dealership where I grew up that had a hilarious name (the “Jalopy Jungle”), so I wondered what a used-starship dealership would be like and how they would try to sell old, broken-down ships. In another instance, I got an idea while I was in the hunting section of a sporting goods store and I read about bag-limit restrictions and hunting rules for minors, so I spun that into an ad about hunting alien lifeforms at a wildlife preserve on a Reln planet. A lot of humor in our game can be found in racial interactions and cultural misunderstandings, though we also had fun with sci-fi cliches in our material. “Flavor text” was used throughout our books to enhance descriptions, offer creative ideas, and help develop and flesh-out the Solar Echoes universe.

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