Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A Growing Solar Echoes Community (part 2)

Last summer I learned of a group of gamers in France that calls themselves “Les Petit Joueurs” (“Little Gamers”) that have become fans of Solar Echoes. The group had been looking for a sci-fi role playing game that followed these guidelines: 1. A fast character creation process 2, Easy to master core rules 3. Game scenarios played in one night, if possible 4. The option to modify the line-up of the team, depending on the players’ schedules 5.An original sci-fi universe. I was contacted by one of the group, Thomas, and asked if I would be ok with them translating the Solar Echoes rulebooks they’d purchased into French for use within their club. They just finished their translations recently and have begun to design their characters. Thomas has graciously added an English translation to their website (scroll down under the French version), which can be found here: 

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