Thursday, April 28, 2016

What style of game is Solar Echoes? (part 4)

We made the decision to keep the game grounded in "what might exist" for several reasons. First, we found it was easier to get new players familiar with our game universe when we avoided changing everything they understood about the world around them. Even with a straightforward rules set such as ours, it still takes some time to learn a new game system; turning the laws of physics on their head or introducing overwhelming amounts of magic or similar powers would only make this situation worse. Secondly, by keeping the game grounded in a potential future version of reality, players become more attached to the characters and locations in the world--the realism requires less suspension of disbelief and draws the players closer to the game world and those who exist within it. Finally, staying close to reality allows us to write missions related to or even inspired by present-day scenarios. “The Heist Stratagem” is an example—the bank of the future isn't too dissimilar from modern-day banks, which allows players to feel more capable of figuring out their options while utilizing the tools and advantages of their environment.

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