Friday, April 15, 2016

A Growing Solar Echoes Community (part 5)

As you've seen this week, Solar Echoes fans are very creative people, and it's exciting for me to see people contribute their ideas to the Solar Echoes universe. I love seeing new artwork for Solar Echoes, and sometimes gamers draw little character mug-shots on their character sheets. I met a gamer at a convention and we set up a game for him and his friends, since they live in the Maryland area. He built an Omul character named “Oot,” and drew a character sketch on the notepad I gave him to use during the game. In the art, his Omul is releasing a swarm of razor nanites, and holding a shield for defense. I would love to feature your artwork, sculpts, and other ideas through Solar Echoes social media sites such as this, so please feel free to send it. What does your character look like? What strange alien lifeform did you see on that planet you discovered? Please share! Let's keep building and growing the Solar Echoes Community—thanks everyone!

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