Friday, April 8, 2016

JohnCon Mission Report (part 5)

In a different mission, the Heist Stratagem, players gave up their weapons and armor to go undercover as civilians into a mafia-owned bank. Another undercover agent embedded in a street gang was staging a bank heist with the gang, and the players' team was to use the distraction to steal valuable intel about the mafia from bank computers. However, a lot went sideways. One of the characters was seen sneaking around in a wide open area by a gang member and was shot in the leg (one of his team-mates decided to call him “Chuckles” after this). The team initially failed to successfully hack the bank servers, which alerted both the police and the mafia. Thankfully, though, they were ultimately able to gain the computer data with help from a hacker among the civilian hostages. The team then decided to try to take on two of the gang at once, using crafted weapons and armor from items found throughout the bank...this did not go extremely well at first, considering the two gang members were armed with a shotgun and assault rifle. If not for the assistance of the other undercover agent, the team might have met their end. There were some great moments, though, with home-brewed tear-gas made from bathroom cleaning chemicals followed by attacks from a hairspray flame-thrower. The team ultimately managed to eliminate the gang and foil the heist in the end, and everyone survived (though if not for the duct-taped book-cover armor they'd made for themselves, there would have been a death or two!)

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