Tuesday, April 26, 2016

What style of game is Solar Echoes? (part 2)

Science fiction universes each tend to have their own general rules on robots: how capable they are, how common, and so on. Some fictional universes are full of robots, while others almost lack them entirely. We chose to have robots commonplace in Solar Echoes, and while they are capable of performing a variety of tasks, they are still rather limited and clearly artificial in nature in nearly all cases. Common robots allow for MC's to quickly create a variety of interesting opponents that can provide stiff combat resistance or perform mundane tasks. Additionally, robots make excellent disposable opponents and provide great fodder for trigger-happy players. The limitations placed on robots--their single-minded nature and limited adaptability--ensures that they are not a replacement for the player characters. Plus, players always seem to light up when I bring lego or transformer robots out onto the table. If you're excited to battle a variety of robots, “The Seeds of Chaos” mission is full of them.

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