Tuesday, April 5, 2016

JohnCon Mission Report (part 2)

The team also sent their Omul agent into the warehouse's air conditioning ductwork on the ceiling to get an inside view of the layout before they breached. Unfortunately, the Omul player was unsuccessful with her stealth check and the gang below shot at the ductwork in response. I assigned a number to each of the six squares in her area and rolled for each gang member when he fired to determine which square he was targeting. Amazingly, the Omul player's square (4) was not attacked while the gang fired at squares 2, 3, and 5 around her. It was hilarious watching the player's reaction as she stared in panic at the table, almost as if she was worried her own movements would result in getting hit by gunfire. She wisely decided not to move again until the other players were making lots of noise outside with the forklift and crates...

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