Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Growing Solar Echoes Community (part 4)

Thomas has also shared some of his alien life form designs that he developed for the Solar Echoes universe, complete with icon-art ready to use on the game table! He designed each lifeform with a lot of consideration, and he details the biological reasons for the various physical characteristics they have. For instance, his “Silver Glider” organism has a metallic, reflective skin, which will actually bounce the energy blast of energy weapons. But Thomas goes even further, and adds background details: teenagers often like to disturb the nests of Silver Gliders at night to serve as reflective light shows for illegal rave parties. Please feel free to add your own ideas for lifeforms, planets, organizations, artifacts, and other new content to the wikia. Here is a link to Thomas's Silver Glider, and you can find a link to Thomas's other lifeform creations at the bottom: 

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