Thursday, April 7, 2016

JohnCon Mission Report (part 4)

Another team, the next day, was playing the same mission and they tried a different approach at the warehouse. When they failed their stealth checks to avoid the robot's detection and the robot gave them a verbal warning to leave the restricted area, one of the characters decided to hold out his badge and insist that, because he was a Union Guard agent, he had authorization to be there. His persuasion check was successful and he was able to temporarily confound the robot's AI as it cycled back and forth between its altered programming—to attack any intruders—and its root programming (Union Guard do have jurisdiction in all areas.) The robot's confusion resulted in a reboot, which gave the team a few moments to gain superior positioning. Once the robot rebooted and began to attack, the team already had the advantage and was able to take it out quickly. The team then proceeded to hack the warehouse security system and managed to gain control of the garage door. They locked down the door and chose to breach from the side door of the warehouse, throwing grenades at the gang members and their cars. Though the gang managed to shoot down the garage door with the cannons on their cars, it took several rounds and the team was able to damage the car and drivers before they finally rammed the weakened garage door down and drove off. The team was able to successful run down one of the two cars and recover the stolen contraband, with one of the players using his Sideswipe talent to slam into the car and cause it to crash into the sidewall of the freeway.

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