Wednesday, April 6, 2016

JohnCon Mission Report (part 3)

The group of agents not only positioned metal crates outside the warehouse garage door with the forklift, but aimed their squadcar at the opening, training the car's mounted rotary cannon directly at the entrance. When they finally breached and gunfire was exchanged, one of the gang members jumped into a car and tried to drive it past the corner of one of the crates. Though he managed to scrape past it, his car was damaged in the process and the move forced him to face a hail of bullets from the team's squadcar. He crashed his moving car into the stationary squadcar and knocked it sideways as he drove past, sustaining more damage from the hit. One of the players agents jumped into the squadcar to drive while his teammate continued to man the rotary cannon, and they tore after the escaping (but very beat-up) gang car. Not only were they able to catch up to him on the road, but one more hit from the rotary cannon was enough to send the already beat-up vehicle spinning out of control into a crash. That was definitely the fastest car chase I've seen in Solar Echoes history!

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