Monday, May 2, 2016

The Edge of Known Space (part 1)

It has always been human nature to explore and to test the boundaries of the unknown. Pioneers of the early world like Magellan, Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, and Lewis and Clark all bravely ventured into uncharted waters and lands. People like the crew of Apollo 11 first touched down on the moon, with Neil Armstrong being the first man to walk upon its surface. What will we see in the future, and what great explorers will be making history? It is safe to guess that the next great explorers will be those that journey to and land on Mars, which quite possibly may happen within the next decade (NASA is aiming for the 2030's, but Space X is aiming for 2026.) After Mars, what is next? With methods of space propulsion improving, we may be capable of testing the borders of our solar system sooner than we thought...

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