Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Synthetic Human Design (part 3)

If the human genome can be written, consider the possibilities. Genetic disorders could be stamped out in a society entirely. Specific physical and intellectual capacities could potentially be targeted and produced. “Designer” humans could very well be walking among us someday, but what would the presence of such “superior” humans mean? The haunting memories of Hitler's intended “master race” come to mind, and a society driven by a genetically elite class echoes scenarios already depicted in science-fiction movies like Gattaca. If a human was entirely artificially produced without biological parents, then who exactly is responsible for this human--the facility that produced him/her, the government, or the individual scientists that wrote the genetic code? Would facilities be designed for raising these synthetic humans? What if some of these facilities were military, designed for raising elite soldiers? None of this is certain yet, but as we approach the possibility of synthetic humans walking among us someday, many of these questions will need answers.

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