Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Future Tech: Innovation or Gimmick? (Part 2)

Google is one of the largest supporters and innovators of new tech, and one of their latest and lesser-known pursuits is currently known as project Soli. The project involves the use of radar sensors packaged in a tiny chip that detects physical movements, allowing a person to manipulate and interface with existing tech simply by small gestures. Imagine turning up a radio by rubbing your fingers together, or flipping through channels by quickly extending your index finger. Gestures we're used to making with touch screen technology may soon become airborne. It's hard to say if this tech will catch on, but if Microsoft's "Kinect" fiasco is any indication, people aren't really all that excited to feel like they're living out a scene of "Minority Report." Some research has even shown that people prefer tactile interface, whether through buttons, keys, or touch screens. Still, even though Google Glass didn't exactly catch on, Google is an expert at saturating the market with new tech standards. We might see more of project Soli in the future, whether we like it or not.

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