Friday, May 13, 2016

Future Tech: Innovation or Gimmick? (Part 5)

We live in an era where, if you can imagine it, it might just be possible to bring your idea into reality, if you can find the right people and some money to fund it (Kickstarter, perhaps?) Perhaps our era will someday be looked upon as a Renaissance of technological innovation. However, there is such an immense surplus of great ideas that it is easy to get lost in the crowd, and often, only the companies with lots of money for big marketing campaigns can convince people to adopt their new tech. Even then, it fails sometimes. Still, it's exciting living in a country that rewards innovation and gives people a chance to make a huge difference from a small beginning. I only hope that this country will remain as such a place. With all the obstacles that inventors face (regulations, taxes that punish small businesses, and the challenges of the marketplace) creators may eventually give up and leave their ideas on the drawing board. Let's just hope that this exciting era we live in will continue to grow—imagine what the future might be like for your children!

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