Thursday, May 26, 2016

Gaming Community (part 4)

Now, this is just my personal observation (I have no research to back it), but I’d like to suggest that games are effective at breaking social barriers, especially with males. Put a few guys that don’t know each other in a room together without anything to do, and its extremely likely that they will quickly pull out their smartphones and sit there in total silence, never talking. Guys rarely seem to feel comfortable talking to each other unless they have some kind of shared activity. This can even be true among guys that are friends! Yet games provide a shared, goal—suddenly, anti-social tendencies dissipate because gamers have something in common. And it doesn’t just stop there, either—how many times have you gathered together with friends to play a game, and the game becomes second to entertaining conversations and joking around? Games are truly an “ice-breaker,” so if you are ever worried about a social event going well, throw in some games!

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