Thursday, June 30, 2016

Science and Personality (part 4)

Despite all this research, however, the results that were published are still considered preliminary and more needs to be done to clarify the role of oxytocin and the genes that influence it. However, researchers are still confident that this may lead to treatments for a variety of social disorders. The question is, is introversion a social disorder? Methylation is a dynamic process that can change to varying degrees over the course of a person's lifetime. For example, I took the Myer's-Briggs personality test when I was in college, and I was categorized as an extrovert. I took it again a year ago, and now I'm a borderline introvert. You wouldn't know it—I have to give lectures, talk with a variety of people every day, and sometimes I even need to assert myself for many hours in sales situations, but I will admit, I am feeling more exhausted by social environments these days than I used to be. I attribute it to age, but maybe there's more to it? Maybe I am becoming more of an introvert...I do prefer to stay at home in my basement and remain off-grid for days at a time. Is that so wrong? Some don't think so...

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