Thursday, June 16, 2016

French Solar Echoes Team Stops Smugglers (part 4)

The planned assault started when Khassim managed to pry open one of the sky windows to check the positions of the enemies inside the building. Oosnubu piloted the forklift to park in front of the garage door, while Khassim tried to slide down a rope to land atop one of the containers inside the warehouse. Unfortunately, a failure on his stealth check canceled the surprise round, but the entrance of Zholtaân and Oosnubu (which remained undetected) through the two other doors was enough to give an advantage to the team.The team began to shoot at the criminals, who were trying to reach the vehicles and the doors and discovered that they could no longer open them. Desperate, the gang leader tried to shoot at the garage door with the automatic cannon mounted on his gang skimcar, but when he rammed the door, he crippled his vehicle when he hit the forklift parked outside. At the same moment, Zholtaân and Oosnubu were engaged in ranged combat with the rest of the gang, while Khassim, still atop the same container, used his Side Step Talent right in time to avoid the other gang skimcar shooting at him, opting to fall prone behind the container, using the next round to gain a stealth bonus by adjusting his natural camouflage. Zholtaân made extensive use of his cyber-weapons, disarming one of the gang members with his magnetic Disarming Orb. He managed to equip the illegal rifle, thanks to his Snare Ray Bracelet.


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