Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Previews of New Products (part 2)

As you saw last week, the French gaming club, Les Petits Joueurs, spent a lot of time preparing full color maps for Solar Echoes. Originally, when I released the game in 2012, I was on a strict budget. Color art was reserved for book covers alone, because artists charge a lot more for color work. However, since then, sales have allowed for me to reconsider, and I was inspired by what the French gamers were able to do with online clip art. Due to legal concerns, however, I don't want to put free public-use art into products sold through Corefun Studios, so I asked artist John Fell to design full color map tile art for me. I now have a lot of map resources available, and I plan to fully redesign in color the maps in missions that are currently released. If you've purchased these missions already, you'll receive an email notifying you of the update when it's ready, and you'll just need to download it again, for free!

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