Wednesday, June 15, 2016

French Solar Echoes Team Stops Smugglers (part 3)

While exploring the yard around the warehouse, Prof. Zholtaân easily spotted a forklift, and the group rapidly decided on a strategy consisting of blocking the gang vehicles parked inside the warehouse by parking the forklift in front of the garage door of the warehouse. On the next round, Oosnubu, piloting the patrol vehicle, directed his front lights at the robot, and tried a long distance shot with the vehicle's EMP Net, inflicting crippling electrical damage upon the robot, leaving the circuits of the machine fried and unable to trigger the alarm. Oosnubu then ran up to the forklift, while Prof. Zholtaân examined the side door of the building. Khassim moved furtively on the roof to observe the enemies through the sky windows. Prof. Zholtaân decided to hack into the security access of the warehouse, and he easily defeated the security puzzle, thanks to his Multi-Task and Scan Node Talents, along with the help of Khassim, who assisted him by wearing Neural Relay Glasses which allowed him to join the same virtual reality instance of Prof. Zholtaân. Once inside the system, he decided to deactivate the alarm and change the access code of the doors to trap the criminals inside the warehouse.

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