Friday, June 17, 2016

French Solar Echoes Team Stops Smugglers (part 5)

When the leader of the gang tried to escape through the damaged garage door, he was defeated by the coordinated actions of Oosnubu, who ambushed him by shooting through the office window. The gang leader was finally put out of combat when Khassim knocked him unconscious by ramming him with the rear of the forklift. Once the gang was defeated, their operations sergent contacted them to inform them that the rest of the smugglers gang was spotted driving to Vega Starport, trying to leave the planet after the failure of the firearms purchase. Once at the starport, the team located, fought, and managed to surround the smugglers inside the ship docking umbilical. Oosnubu, sided by Khassim, sealed the ship door, while Zholta├ón made use of two of his cyber-weapons, a Trip-bot (able to trip enemies) and a Nanite Hedge (a moving wall of nano-robots) to prevent the escape of the smugglers. Despite threats of incoming shots from a second approaching enemy ship, the players managed to convince the smugglers to surrender, and the mission ended with the smugglers throwing their weapons over the top of the nanite hedge while a Union Guard ship was arriving at the Dock. 

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