Monday, June 13, 2016

French Solar Echoes Team Stops Smugglers (part 1)

The French gaming club, Les Petits Joueurs, has put a lot of time into preparing to play Solar Echoes. They've translated the Solar Echoes game books and missions into French, they've carefully designed their characters, they've designed their own full-color versions of mission-maps, and they've constructed 3D models of crates, skimcars--even a forklift! This week, check out their battle reports and some of the pictures they've provided of their game while playing the “Gun Runners” mission in the Solar Echoes Starter Kit (I've removed spoilers). Their mission was to stop a gun sale of restricted military firearms and to extract a particular target, alive. The player’s team, featuring Khassim (a Krissethi infiltrator/Pilot), Oosnubu (Archaeloid Engineer/Tactical Officer) and Prof. Zholta├ón Junior (Reln Hacker/Battlefield Controller), managed to circumvent the defenses around the warehouse by strategically surrounding the building, blocking the exits, and in the end, starting the assault...

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