Friday, June 3, 2016

Balticon 50 (part 5)

There are so many other highlights of this weekend, it's hard to choose from among the 6 or 7 games that I ran, but I remember one classic moment quite well. One of the players had to leave the table briefly, telling the other players to use his character to make a cybertech check to hack into the malfunctioning mall robot they had just nearly destroyed. The mall robots were all rampaging because of an unknown problem in their programming (which the team had learned was by design), and the team was supposed to try to shut them down. To do so, they had to severely damage a robot, but not destroy it, enough so that they could get in close and hack into its CPU. This was no easy task, and they failed a few times because some of the players over-did things with the damage, destroying the robot beyond repair. They had finally damaged a robot just enough for them to hack it, but unknown to them, the robot had sent out a distress signal to other robots in the mall. You should have seen the surprised face of the player who had left the table—when he returned, he saw what you see pictured below: a variety of twisted, malfunctioning robots converging on the players as they huddled over the damaged robot. It was up to him—could he make the necessary cybertech check to hack the robot's system and disable the distress signal? ...and...yes, he made it, the robots disengaged and the team survived!

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