Wednesday, June 8, 2016

If you can't beat them... (part 3)

Consider that we are already replacing body parts with machines. Retinal microchips, though not on the market yet, are proving that vision can be restored. Bionic prostheses for legs, arms, and hands are becoming increasingly sophisticated, operated by neural control. Even neuroprosthetics, which can provide a motor, sensory, or cognitive ability that might be lacking or damaged are already in full use—tens of thousands of people already have cochlear implants for hearing loss. These implants are surgically installed with a direct neural connection that is run by tiny computers. Soon, advanced genetic and neural therapies will be available to enhance our senses and our strength. Biological engineering and neurobiology are already making huge advances that have replicated the functions of many of our biological systems electronically and mechanically. Elon Musk was not far off with his prediction that neural lacing might be the next step for human enhancement.

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