Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Balticon 50 (part 3)

During the “Heist Stratagem” mission I ran at Balticon this past weekend, the players managed to circumvent having to deal with the bank robbers quite well. Though they failed one of their mission parameters by doing so (which was to make sure the robbers didn't harm the civilians—they left the civilians with the robbers!), they did manage to get what they came for during the heist distraction, and rescued the undercover operative that had staged the heist and was posing as a bank robber. However, when they took two cars and tried to escape the scene, an armored mafia vehicle (the mafia owned the bank) was soon in pursuit, and soon, the police were in pursuit as well. The team decided to split up, and the mafia vehicle and two police followed one to the right while a single police car stayed with the other to the left. The team on the left managed to shake the police car by dropping magnetic caltrops, escaping with the undercover operative, but the other half of the team made a tactical error—the driver decided to slam on his breaks to cause the following police cars to crash into him. While he and his team were dazed and trying to recover from the painful crash, the armored mafia car pulled in front of them and finished them all off with a mounted point-defense cannon. I guess we can say the positive side is that half the team survived and completed the mission...?

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