Tuesday, June 14, 2016

French Solar Echoes Team Stops Smugglers (part 2)

Khassim was the first to enter the warehouse perimeter by climbing up the fence, and he avoided detection from a guard robot, using his Stealth to climb up the ladder to the roof. The rest of the team drove around the building to position their patrol vehicle in front of the gate before the robot could detect them. Prof. Zholtaân decided to also climb the fence and deploy one of his cyber-weapons, a Disarming Orb, for recon around the side of the building. Oosnubu worked on the locked gate, finally opening it to aim his vehicle weapons at the security bot. Zholtaân, possessing the Robot Identification Talent, asked Khassim to give him a visual on the target, who used the camera of his Micro Personal Computer. Looking at this picture, Zholtaân was able to determine the model of the robot, as well as the weakness of it’s design: hyperactive sensors that malfunction when a bright light is aimed at them, imposing shooting penalties upon the robot.

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