Thursday, June 2, 2016

Balticon 50 (part 4)

I've seen some really interesting tactics in this game, and this weekend was no exception. One particular team was playing the “Gun Runners” mission found in the Starter Kit, and they breached a warehouse where gun smugglers were finishing their deal. While one of the team, an Omul, got everyone's attention by entering through the side door of the warehouse and immediately took cover, the Erwani on the team outside hacked open the electronic garage door so one of the team's Krissethi could rush in. At the same time, the team's other Krissethi moved through the air-ducts above it all, athletically dropping onto a nearby crate while the team's Reln did the same on the other side of the warehouse, dropping onto a crate just above a smuggler that was busy attacking their Omul--the Reln used her height advantage from atop the crate to finish him off. The smugglers were spread out and were attacked from all directions, so one of them decided to jump in a car and speed away. Another one exchanged gunfire with the first Krissethi, shooting through the windows of the parked car between them. The Krissethi dove for cover and crawled under the car, slashing with his katana at the smuggler's ankles. The crippled smuggler fell to the ground and tried to shoot the Krissethi under the car, narrowly missing him just as the Krissethi finished him off with a quick stab from his katana. The entire warehouse was cleared in only a few rounds!

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