Thursday, June 23, 2016

Preview of New Products (part 4)

Does anyone remember the Explorer's Pack ? It was released two years ago and included four new planets and four new alien lifeforms. Alien lifeforms in Solar Echoes are organisms found throughout the universe that can pose a threat to players, but these lifeforms are not intelligent enough to use technology or tools—they are essentially “monsters” in a science-fiction universe. Though Solar Echoes missions often involve the character races and robots as foes, some missions require venturing out into the wilderness, and this is where deadly alien lifeforms are found. I have recently finished working with artist John Fell on four new, full-color alien lifeforms, which I'm planning to feature in a future product. I enjoyed working with John on these creatures so much, though, that I'm looking into crowdfunding so that he and I could design a lot more of them! If you're interested, let me know—your interest can help launch this project into something bigger and better!

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