Friday, November 6, 2015

Strange and Confusing Alien Customs (part 5)

Omuls don't understand private ownership very well, and have been called thieves and kleptomaniacs when they are quite used to “borrowing” and “sharing” others' “possessions.” Also, don't show up on time when invited to an Omul's home—if you show up early or on time, you are considered greedy or over-eager. The Omul concept of time is very subjective, which is part of the reason Omuls often have difficulty holding down a job because they often show up an hour or two late. They don't want to seem desperate for money! Another Omul cultural oddity is their extreme lack of tact—they consider all points of view, no matter how seemingly offensive, as totally acceptable, and are known for their bluntness in social situations. To an Omul, there would be absolutely nothing wrong with pointing out the large, inflamed zit growing on your nose. Why would you take that personally?

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