Monday, November 16, 2015

Hopkins Mission Control (part 1)

This past Friday, I was again invited to the Johns Hopkins University's role playing club (HPPRPG), but this time I was there on an advisory basis only—one of the club members was ready to try her hand at running a mission for the group. This intrepid Mission Controller (MC is the name we give to GM's in Solar Echoes) was conducting a very difficult mission called “Derelict.” The Hopkins players were methodical and creative, moving “off-script” more than a few times. This might have posed a significant challenge for a new MC, but she quickly adjusted and came up with creative options for everyone. One of the important things to always keep in mind when running a Solar Echoes mission is that you want the players to drive the story with their choices, and if this doesn't entirely align with the events detailed in the mission, improvise! This week, I'll touch on a few examples and share some tips for effective MC'ing.

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