Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Battle Report: Johns Hopkins (part 2)

The team was joined by a mall security guard as soon as they entered the mall. The panicking shoppers had cleared out of the mall at this point and the security guard, a large Archaeloid, did his best to help out the agents in their investigation, though it did take a little intimidation from one of the Reln to “encourage” the Archaeloid to cough up the whole story. The diplomat-Reln actually spoke a little Archaeloid, but unfortunately failed his check to speak in the foreign language (he needed a few more ranks for 100% fluency). Otherwise, it would have been much easier to get all the details from the Archaeloid initially. The team was able to gather some important intel and successfully hacked into the computers at the mall's security terminal. What they learned there would present them with two mission options, and this particular team of agents chose a more direct approach than I've seen with other groups in the past. Meanwhile, they still had the matter of the malfunctioning mall robots to deal with, and they needed to try to damage one just enough so that they could hack into it and copy the corrupted AI—a feat much harder than it sounds!

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