Thursday, November 26, 2015

Is Tech Accelerating? (part 4)

Another question to ask is whether our technological advancement is achieving its full potential. If not, what factors might be negatively influencing this potential? Government intervention through regulations, the resistance of technological implementation by unions concerned about job loss, and even the re-purposing of technology towards areas in which it will not flourish or come to full fruition—all of these contribute to the slowing of advancement. Other concerns involve the length of time it takes for technology to move into our culture, and this can be affected in a number of ways. Consider the time it sometimes takes technology to move from early adopters to mainstream use, or the time required to build particular infrastructure to support new technology (for example, car charging stations are still not prevalent in the U.S.) How is one to accurately measure the rate of technological advancement, especially when all these and other factors are considered?

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