Monday, November 30, 2015

Chessiecon Battle Reports (part 1)

This past weekend, Solar Echoes was at Chessiecon running demo's in the gameroom. We had quite a number of players, and from the time we arrived until we left, there was never a shortage of gamers at the table. This week, I'll share some of the highlights from the fun and creative players, starting today with the opening to the first mission of the weekend, Gun Runners. The team of Union Guard operatives arrived at the warehouse and it wasn't long before one of them detected a robot security drone walking on patrol. One of the team—a Reln specializing in wordplay—was detected by the robot and was warned to leave. The Reln managed to confuse the robot momentarily by displaying his UG badge and stated that he was authorized to pass. While the rest of the team got into position, the robot finally resolved its confusion and insisted the Reln leave the area. The team quickly learned the advantage of focus fire in Solar Echoes—everyone aimed at the unsuspecting robot and fired, gaining a +2 to hit because at least 3 people were targeting it. Everyone hit, and the combined damage of their weapons blew the robot into smoldering, metallic pieces. Unfortunately, their stealthy approach was now lost, and the smugglers inside the warehouse knew they were there. How did the team decide to proceed? For today, I'll just say that it could be called the “direct” approach. Find out more tomorrow!

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