Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hopkins Mission Control (part 2)

It's usually a very bad idea to split up the team, but when investigating a mysterious, derelict starship floating through space, it was a good plan to have someone stay behind on their own ship when the rest of the team boarded. When enemies attempted to seize the team's ship, there was at least one person to resist, and oh did he resist! Even when things were looking bleak, he managed to scuttle his own ship by setting fire to the engine room to prevent the pirates from easily commandeering his starship. He jumped into an escape pod and jettisoned himself toward the surface of an alien planet below, hoping that his team could somehow catch up to the escape pod and rescue him. The MC made sure to give the other players an opening to follow their teammate while the pirates were busy trying to put out the fire. After landing on the alien planet (which, by the way, had an atmosphere comprised of CO2 and Argon), the team put on space suits and began a search for their missing teammate. Thankfully, he had some creative ideas of his own to signal his whereabouts, and the team was eventually re-united!

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