Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hopkins Mission Control (part 3)

Solar Echoes is a very team-focused game, so if a team splits up, it not only hurts the groups to be separate (gaps appear in necessary skills among members, and there's of course strength in numbers), but it also slows the gameplay for some of the players. As an MC, one of the top priorities should be to keep the game moving and for all players to be actively involved, but when members split up, it is understandable that some players may grow bored while waiting for their group's “turn.” Another concern in gameplay is when one player isn't engaged because his particular skillset might not seem relevant to the situation. For example, last week this particular group had a Reln specialized in persuasive/dialogue skills. I was worried that, in a mission that involves mostly combat until the end, this player would feel as if his character didn't matter. Although this player was not present for the Derelict mission, if he had been, it would have been up to the MC to find ways to challenge him that might be outside the mission text. Thinking back on Friday's game, there were several dialogue opportunities that could have been expounded upon, had he been there. However, it is also important to remember that a player should be encouraged to develop several skillsets for his character. A “one-trick-pony” often has a hard time contributing to a team except in those moments when his specialty can shine.

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