Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Strange and Confusing Alien Customs (part 2)

Reln are known for their acute hearing sensitivity, so it is unsurprising that they are bothered by things that the rest of us barely notice. Ticking clocks, humming electronics, loud music, and elaborate “surround sound” entertainment systems all drive the Reln into a high state of annoyance. Infant toys that make any kind of music or sound are considered the worst gifts to bring to Reln baby showers, and non-digital clocks of any kind will be quickly re-gifted by Reln to another alien race—clocks are considered the “fruit cake” of Reln gifts. Another race, the reptilian Krissethi, are somewhat infamous for their “misunderstandings” about the small pets of other races. To a Krissethi, seeing a small animal on a leash or in a cage is no different than keeping seafood alive for freshness in an aquarium. Even though it isn't uncommon to see headlines in the news about the outrage against yet another Krissethi for devouring someone's small pet, Krissethi continue to make these supposed “mistakes.” Public opinion is beginning to form against the Krissethi in these matters, with some people outright stating that, until there is a law, Krissethi seem quite comfortable with continuing this offensive behavior. It has become common knowledge: if you own a small pet, don't invite any Krissethi to your home, even for a short visit!

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