Thursday, November 5, 2015

Strange and Confusing Alien Customs (part 4)

Archaeloids consider it rude for others to be able to see what you're eating. Granted, they have many long tentacles covering their mouths while they are chewing on something, but humans that chew with their mouths open and Omuls that, well, can't exactly hide the food floating in their cytoplasm are generally considered to be without manners by Archaeloid standards. Archaeloids are also quite formal in social situations, greeting each-other with slow bows and approaching with measured steps. This often leads to the misconception that they are slow-moving creatures (even though they are a little slower than some of the other races!) Archaeloids consider fast, casual movements as disrespectful and suggestive of impatience. Another cultural consideration to keep in mind is that colors mean a great deal to Archaeloids, which use the shifting coloration of their skin to communicate emotion. Because red is associated with rage and anger, it is a very bad idea to wear the color red to any event with Archaeloids present. Sending red roses—considered as “flowers of death”--will greatly alarm and offend Archaeloids for the perceived death threat and Erwani for the morbid act of sending a butchered corpse as a gift.

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