Friday, November 13, 2015

Battle Report: Johns Hopkins (part 5)

Ironically, the Reln diplomat had not invested any skills in terrestrial vehicle piloting when he'd built his character—the only one that had was the stealthy Reln, and he was busy finishing a gun battle against the remaining criminals. That didn't mean the Reln couldn't drive, but it meant any contested skill checks would usually go in favor of the character with skill ranks invested in driving. The car chase ensued, and road obstacles, traffic, and even a pedestrian kept both drivers on their toes. The Chiraktis in the car attempted to fire at the fleeing criminal's vehicle, shooting EMP nets. The criminal responded by releasing a cluster of magnetic caltrops, which the Reln was unfortunately unable to pilot around. The caltrops were sucked up into the skimcar's anti-grav drive, and it was only a matter of time before it would fail—a 6-sided die would have to be rolled each round, and a roll of 1 meant that the car would crash into the pavement as the anti-grav system failed.

However, the Reln was able to get their car into close range of the criminal's skimcar, allowing the Chiraktis to target a specific system on the vehicle with the EMP net. She fired and hit her mark—the enemy's antigrav drive. Now, he too must roll a 6-sided die each round. Meanwhile, the stealthy Reln caught up to the group in another skimcar, and he tried to ram the criminal from the side. He missed, and narrowly avoided plowing into the car of his teammates! After circling around to follow them and try to catch up, a slow driver up ahead became an obstacle each car had to avoid. The first two did, but the stealthy Reln with the rank in piloting failed, slamming into the car of an elderly driver. However, luck was still on the team's side, because the very next round, the criminal rolled a 1 for his anti-grav check. It failed and slammed into the ground at speed, crashing into a horrible mess. The renegade Omul was easily apprehended, and the team succeeded at their mission!

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