Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Strange and Confusing Alien Customs (part 3)

Don't expect salt from a “salt-shaker” in a Chiraktis home or restaurant. Chiraktis put sugar on everything, and I mean, everything they eat. They even carry packets of sugar around with them, because they consider the food of other races far too bland. Like Omuls, Chiraktis also tend to be rather blunt and direct, though they are not very conversational in general so often their brevity is somewhat excused when compared with the Omul tendency to ramble tactlessly. Chiraktis do not “beat around the bush” as many others are accustomed to in conversation, primarily because they are always focused on being efficient in communication. Regarding the Erwani plant-race, the way you treat your plants at home can become a great offense. If you haven't watered your plants for a while, or if you haven't positioned them in a place where they can receive optimal sunlight, Erwani will find your care of their “kin” quite offensive, and you may be faced with a long tirade about how adoption screening procedures should exist for those that seek to raise a plant. “Gifts” of plants or flowers are associated with death in Erwani culture, and flower-shops are considered “butcheries.” If you send flowers to a grieving Erwani, you will have just made things much worse. Don't expect any thank-you cards!

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