Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Battle Report: Johns Hopkins (part 3)

The mall robots were service-oriented drones programmed to prepare and serve food, do maintenance work, sell cosmetics, and clean the floor, in addition to a number of security drones. The team faced a variety of robots in combat, but some of my favorite moments include the Chiraktis character being blinded by a pheromone spray used by the cosmetic robot—she stumbled around randomly while hoping to avoid the violent robot that was seeking to introduce her to other chemical products. At one point, the Reln sniper failed to notice a maintenance drone behind him, and he was sprayed with a large spurt of oil. The Reln struggled to escape, but the oil was so slick he could not get back on his feet. When he saw that the robot was about to ignite the oil with its propane torch, the Reln pulled a blanket out of his backpack, dropped it in front of him, and kicked off a nearby wall to slide across the floor, just as the flame caught the oil. The flame continued after him on the oil track left by the blanket, but the Reln thankfully made a leap, just in time, into a nearby fountain! Meanwhile, the Reln-diplomat was busy with a rogue cleaning-bot, and when the aggressive robot aimed its vacuum gun as it prepared to fire trash at high velocity, the quick-thinking Reln shoved his shock-baton into the opening. The vacuum exploded, destroying the robot, but unfortunately, the Reln's shock-baton was demolished as well. At least he was still alive!

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