Thursday, November 12, 2015

Battle Report: Johns Hopkins (part 4)

The group followed the lead they had discovered while hacking the mall computers, and found themselves outside an elementary school, closed for summer. Apparently, criminals were using the school as a base of operations. When the team of agents located suspicious vehicles at the back of the school, they prepared to enter through the back door, while the Reln-diplomat scaled the building, ran across the roof, and lowered himself to the front of the building. As the Chiraktis and the stealthy Reln entered the building and heard angry voices in a nearby classroom, the Reln diplomat decided to break the front windows with his knife as a distraction, only to discover the windows were made of shatter-proof glass. Frustrated that his plan had not worked, the Reln tried again, this time with a gun. Although only tiny holes appeared in the glass, the gunshot was loud enough to alert the criminals inside. Unfortunately the timing of this was not quite perfect and the element of surprise was lost as the criminals were slightly forewarned just before the other two bust the door open. A fight ensued, and almost all of the criminals were defeated except an Omul that managed to escape and get to his skimcar. If not for the foresight of the Reln diplomat, he would have escaped successfully, but the Reln had closed the metal gate at the school parking lot. It only slowed the Omul down for 1 round as he attacked it with the chain gun on his car and then rammed through it, but that 1 round was just enough time for the Reln to get his car going and to pick up the Chiraktis that was in close pursuit.

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