Friday, November 27, 2015

Is Tech Accelerating? (part 5)

Ultimately, it is true that we live in exciting times, where new i-phones and other trendy tech devices emerge on an almost yearly basis. Yet history may show that our era might actually be a slowing in advancement. Our innovation-driven societies may have lost sight of the bigger picture, and that is, how have we advanced economically on the world stage? Have living conditions improved overall? Has production increased? Are fewer people starving and is there less disease to contend with? The periods of technological advancement that are truly landmarks in history are those periods where cultures have risen above their previous state and entered into a new age entirely. The true test of technological advancement in a society is not how many new technologies have emerged, but if these new technologies have significantly impacted and improved a society. Right now, for this generation, the jury is still out.

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