Monday, November 9, 2015

Battle Report: Johns Hopkins (part 1)

The Johns Hopkins University has a number of clubs, and this last week I was invited to run a Solar Echoes demo with the Hopkins Pencil and Paper Role Playing Group (HPPRPG). Some of the group had already designed their own characters, and were ready to jump into their first mission, while others observed. For the most part, the team of characters covered all skill areas, including a Reln focused on languages and the persuasive arts, another Reln with hacking and stealth (the group's sniper), and a Chiraktis worker focused on Biotech and Engineering. When their mission assignment was given to them by their Operations Sergeant, the agents learned that they had to investigate the cause of a robot rampage at a local shopping mall. This week, I'll be highlighting some of the most memorable (and comical) moments of the mission—the players succeeded at their mission, though there were definitely some challenges they met along the way! Stay tuned this week for more...

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