Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Upcoming release: "The Harmless Reln"

3D sculptor Jeremy Gosser has been working with Corefun Studios on designing miniatures based on the alien character races in Solar Echoes. The Reln is the closest race to human, but they have a few distinct differences. In appearance, they have dark black, obsidian-like skin to help them survive the radiation of their resonance-locked sun, a star that keeps one side of their planet in an almost perpetual state of daylight. The Reln have bat-like ears and very sensitive hearing, but can use echo-location. In Solar Echoes, one of the things Reln are known to be best at is word-smithing--they are some of the best diplomats and con-artists in the universe. In the design of the miniature that Jeremy and I worked on, we wanted to capture this side of the Reln, so we designed him to be offering a peaceful gesture while hiding a readied pistol behind his leg. We hope you like the "Harmless Reln," which will be available on Shapeways for 3D-printing very soon!

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