Monday, September 19, 2016

Miniatures and why we love them! (part 1/5)

Just what is it about those tiny sculptures we call miniatures that attracts so many people? Gamers, hobbyists, collectors, and artists are all drawn to miniatures for various reasons; some shared, and some entirely different. I've been a collector since the 80's, but it started for me with legos. One might argue that legos aren't miniatures, but for me, after the initial build was finished, I treated them in much the same way--I put them on display for others to see, and now I use them in Solar Echoes games for robot or starship props. Back in the early 2000's, I became addicted to D&D pre-painted miniatures, playing the miniatures wargame with them and using them for D&D campaigns I ran. I literally have giant garbage bags filled with hundreds of these things at home, because there just isn't enough space to put them all on display. Some of the models aren't so “miniature,” like the giant red dragon that is about 14” tall. If I had enough shelves to display everything, I'd have them out for everyone to see, but at least I've managed to display all my 80's lego sets You can see that I've always loved sci-fi!

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