Friday, September 16, 2016

The Double-Edged Sword (part 5/5)

What have I decided? It depends on what you're referring to. I self-publish my music, and I'm happy with that setup. I've self-published the Solar Echoes RPG books, and though I've sold most of my physical copies and a number of digital copies as well, I realize how difficult it is to advertise. Back when Solar Echoes released in 2012, I was under the naïve impression that a good product will sell itself. The response to the game at conventions has been great, and there is even an international following, but it has been really difficult to advertise and let people know about it beyond that. It seems that once they try the game, they usually go for it and really enjoy it (thanks everyone!) but to keep it all going, I need to reach more people. I post often, attend conventions, and advertise some online, but I rely almost entirely on word-of-mouth and social media for advertising--it's easy to get lost among all the other products out there (many of them with huge budgets for marketing!) I've learned from all this, and that's why I'm trying to find an agent or a publisher for my sci-fi novel. Hopefully, someone will give it a chance!

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