Monday, September 26, 2016

Handbook for New Recruits (part 1)

Are you new to the Solar Echoes universe? The Union Guard is preparing a small handbook for new recruits which will help familiarize you with the seven alien races that are part of the Interstellar Union (ISU). This handbook includes full-color art of each alien race with information about their physical traits, abilities, and culture. Emblem designs for each race are also included for quick recognition--no longer will you mistakenly wander into a restaurant hoping for a vegetarian meal to find yourself surprised that it is a Krissethi establishment serving only meat. No longer will you commit an unintentional offense by asking about the strange honeycomb tattoo on someone's neck. You can even learn a little history through the cryptic words of the ancient Human language on their emblem. But there's even more included in the new handbook...

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